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Can Brian come out and play?
Well now.. that would depend on what you have in mind! Joking aside, he'd love to meet up with other musicians of just about any type of music and work together on various 'stuffs'. If you're looking for someone to work with on songs, drop an email our way. Local or not, the internet can be a wonderful thing.

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What is Semi-Stix Studio?
Semi-Stix Studio came about when the recording computer was built. We moved to the 'Semi-Stix' in 2000 (another mile and you hit the stix.. i.e.: cows, llamas, horses, large pastures of nothing but mole hills and tall grass). When we decided to build the recording computer and put together a Christmas present CD we, of course, needed a label. Semi-Stix Studio was born... the logo was made... and now you don't have to wonder about it anymore.

As a side note, we quite like the name, and are going to keep it for more than a joke ;)

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More Coming Soon.. (or.. whenever)

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