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02.06.04 The Collabs area is now ready for viewing!!! Additional collaborations will be added (duh!) when a complete(ish) version is done. I will be adding a script for 'email when this page is updated', so check back in a few days if you want to be notified for updates.
01.10.04 Yes, I know.. I have been so very neglectful in not following through and giving frequent updates (can you say New Year's Resolution?). In my defense.. it became a very busy year! We finally got to go on our trip to Scotland and Germany - which took much planning and turned out to be the MOST amazing trip ever. It's so gorgeous over there, and every single person we met was wonderful. I'm currently working on a new section of the site for Brian's collaborations, as he's been working more with those than more solo work. As soon as it is complete I'll post here and sent out a newsletter.
09.12.03 Scotland here we come! We leave in 5 days, and we will be meeting up with musicians in Scotland and Germany while there. Can't wait! (I should probably start getting ready to pack....)
04.01.03 Happy April Fool's Day!
02.11.03 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! CD's are in (could you guess?)! Those of you that pre-ordered, thank you! Your CD is going out tomarrow. To those that didn't.. what are you waiting for???
01.20.03 WHOO & HOO! CD is officially out for manufacturing. We do not have a delivery date yet, but if I had to guess, I would say by Valentine's day!!! I'm a bit overly excited, I know.. but hey, this is NEWS!

Our contest winner from our New Years Eve drawing and those of you who have pre-ordered will have your CD's (and promo-pack to our contest winner) shipped within 3 days of when we receive them. New Drawing going folks.. sign up to win a Semi-Stix Promo Pack & 'No Love' CD!.

01.01.03 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope it brings you everything Santa forgot. Many are probably wondering what's happening with the CD.. well.. Laurey shall NOT upgrade Brian's hard drive before the master's of the songs are out for publishing. We had a little technical glitch (suddenly his drive that stores masters had two FAT's.. this is not good). We are back on track though and plan to get it to the manufacturer very soon. Thanks for your patience. I believe I've mailed everyone that has pre-ordered, if you pre-ordered and I haven't emailed you yet - please email me.

Again, Happy New Year!

09.16.02 We are showing our 'geekdom' to the world. Friday, 09.06.02, news hit the net that our favorite show Farscape was not being picked up for a 5th season as previously stated by Sci-Fi Networks. There is currently an internet-wide effort to let Sci-Fi know just how much we love this show, and to beg them to reconsider and at LEAST complete their option through the end of season 5. Brian has 'joined the fight' by writing Farscape Blues on 09.11.02 and, after 'popular demand', the Farscape Blues Extended on 09.12.02, so far.. over 900 downloads combined! You may think we have no life, but if that is your thought you've not seen this show! (course.. you'd be right even if you HAVE seen the show....). Lyrics to the songs.
09.07.02 'No Love' is complete! Brian finished the final mix tonight, and the 'No Love' portion of our website is open. Links will be revealed shortly. Pre-Orders will be taken for anyone interested in buying the CD at a discounted price, check out the purchase page for more information! Also, another contest.. who will win this time??? The winner of this contest will receive: 1 'No Love' CD, 1 Semi-Stix Studio T-shirt (choices from stock on hand only), and 1 signed 5x7 (framed larger) picture from the 'No Love' CD cover.
08.21.02 We've added a 'real' mailing list program to our site. You can now subscribe/unsubscribe yourself.. and search or view the archives. Brian is still hard at work on 'No Love', we are hoping it will be complete by the end of September (I know, I know.. I said end of summer before.. but that's before the 'day job' kept interfering on the weekends! <g>). Want a Sample?
07.21.02 Had our little 'photo shoot' last night, and captured a keeper. CD Art is done (other than final layout in printing form). Another step forward...
07.20.02 Laurey (me) just found a new toy. Actually.. I've been looking for it for awhile now, but finally found an MP3 tagger that will allow me to add cover art to Brian's songs. So, if you download any of the music in TtG now and play with a compatible player that shows Art Tagging, you'll have a little picture of the CD cover while the song is playing. Now how cool is THAT?
07.13.02 Well, three days ago I told you the album was making progress, that one song was complete. Now THREE songs are complete and final. Two songs are complete, but still need a few edits (well, at least Brian says they do.. and since he's the creator, I think we have to listen to him). A few more songs are in their rough form. CD artwork and layout is decided (just have to take that 'perfect picture'), and the new web area for this album (titled 'No Love') is nearly complete.. layout is done, content is being added. So, soon my friends, soon!
07.10.02 Good News! The new album is making progress. Brian has one song complete! Don't know if CD #2 will go as #1 did, but when #1 finally had the first song complete.. the rest started falling into place. Stay tuned to our main page (or this one) for release news (don't quote me on this, but maybe by summer's end???).
06.21.02 Hi Everybody! As you may or may not notice, the site has been 'slightly' upgraded. Tired of all the spam bots getting our addresses from here.. so I've put in a contact page that lets the script decide where to email it (away from the prying 'bot' eyes). Spruced up a bit to get ready to move both *.net & *.com to the same provider, should be nice & organized soon. Side Note: Brian just got a new fancy sound card so he'll be working harder on his next album now.. send good vibes it goes well!
05.25.02 Well.. seems people are starting to find the .com site, so I guess I should 'get on it' and get it all functioning properly. Soon we will be transferring the .net site to the same provider as .com (WOW! They are SOOOO much better). Appreciate your patience whilst we get this all figured out :)
05.01.02 CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Knight, our Semi-Stix T-Shirt Contest winner! (sorry it took me so long to get that out to you Andrew).
03.01.02 We have gotten another domain and another host http://www.semistixstudio.com. As our current host seems to have alot of problems with their servers and speed, we are trying out another that so far seems VERY stable and quick. I am currently working on mirroring our site there.. so bookmark the above one also.. soon you'll be able to access via either one!
01.20.02 The main pages of Semi-Stix are complete www.semistixstudio.net and we have a random drawing going for a Semi-Stix hand-screened long sleeved T-Shirt. Enter Now! (Contest Over, Congrats Andrew Knight!)
01.07.02 Due to popular demand.. the 'disclaimers' have been removed. Yaaaaaayy!
01.07.02 Brian's got yet another collaboration (link directly below.. another is toward the bottom of this page) 'Love's Not Supposed to Feel Like This'. This one has also been entered into the E-Talent Contest.

Lyrics ~ Gina R. Gee (Geez)
Music ~ Brian McAdams
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals ~ Brian McAdams
Lead Guitar ~ Sergio Valdes

12.21.01 The conversion for the packaging to *.pdf files is finally complete. So very many problems converting 38MG graphical files to 400k downloadable files, but it is finally complete in time for Christmas for anyone who cares :)
12.11.01 The jacket booklet & CD label are complete, but we've been running into problems converting them into *.pdf format. They'll be posted once the conversion is done. Also, the site is being moved into its own directory with a small facelift (new navigation and such). This will allow for our domain to host other things.. and also make room for Brian's NEXT album!
11.27.01 I've gotten off my lazy heiny and the CD Tray Liner is finally complete (yaaaaaayy). The jacket and actual CD label are up next, and they should be complete by Saturday, December 1st!
11.25.01 Brians' been working on some collaborations lately and one is finally complete! Titled 'This Wood Can Rock', it was written by Bill Heinowski of Michigan, US. You'll hear Brian on the piano here, and it's been entered into an 'E-Talent' contest (cross your fingers!).

This Wood Can Rock ~ You even get to pick the download speed!

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